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Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Here we have an outstanding local brand, made right here in Maine. They have a great story to tell. Our job was to tell it and help expand their market. We had to do this by threading the needle between hard-core outdoorsfolks, and the more casual types that may be looking to expand their horizons.


We started by introducing their first piece of outerwear ever, The Shell. As is everything they make, The Shell is an ultra lightweight and versatile. We thought we’d let it speak for itself:

Introducing The Shell: Video

The Making of The Shell: Video

The Shell: Web

Next, we had to structure a way to head into the holiday season. We structured this into three tiers, building tension as the season ramped up into full frenzy. We started easy, but by the end we let the world know that there were simply some aspects of the holidays that kind of sucked.


The social media response was terrific, and fans new and old alike cheered their stance on Holiday BS.

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